Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hi all -
Welcome to Local First North Carolina - did you know that locally owned independent business's employee 70% of the US population !!! Well with all that is going on in today's economy we need to keep it or increase that percent - how can we do that??? Buy buying locally first - and then at independently owned vendors second - they most times offer competive prices and much better services than any big box or corporately owned business. You will do a number of great things for your locally economy and community where that business resides - Its a great thing to do - and like I said - they are competitive - most have websites - and they also have a way to contact if you want to barter, or discuss pricing - give it a try -

There are so many ways to help our struggling economy with buying local - I will be posting new links etc so you can check it out -

There are Local first movements all across the country - I'll be providing those links as well - one place to start is at: at this website you can locate many indie business's - add a business if you like and shop till you drop !!

More info to follow - comment please !!! ask questions !!
Thanks for listening -


  1. Great tips! Follow us for more buying local ideas!

  2. Thanks for this great blog! Be a part of our Why Buy Local campaign!

  3. Great blog on supporting local business! Be sure to check out how we help support buisness in Currituck County! Buy Local Contest Drawing on September 13th!

  4. Great blog! Don't for get to Buy Local for the holidays!